Custom Stories

Have you ever wanted to read a specific spanking story, but can’t find exactly what you’re looking for? Well, look no further, because I can (and will) write that story for you!

What I Need From You:

  • Characters: Who do you want included in the story? Photos or links are welcome, but not required.
  • Plot: What do you want to happen in the story? Who gets spanked, and by whom?
  • Setting: Where should the story take place? Be as specific as you like.


  • Short-story (5000 words or fewer; 10 pages or fewer): $50
  • Medium story (5001-10,000 words; 10-20 pages): $100
  • Long story (10,001-15,000 words; 20-30 pages): $200
  • Novelette (15,001-30,000 words; 30-60 pages): $400
  • Novella (30,001-50,000 words; 60-100 pages): $800
  • Novel (50,001 words or more; 100 pages or more): $1200
  • All prices in US dollars. All payments up-front. Payments to be made by Paypal or Venmo.

Content Rules:

  • Nothing illegal can happen in the stories. That means no one under the age of consent in the USA will engage in any intimate or BDSM activity.
  • Dubious consent is at the author’s discretion.
  • I will not write about: real-life celebrities or public figures, raceplay, foot/boot worship, needle play or stapling, blood play, anything related to urine or feces, sounding, or sissification/sissy training. Other edge topics are at the author’s discretion.

The Fine Print:

  • I retain all rights to publish the story under the name JJ Rose, on its own or as part of a collection. If I do so, you will not be entitled to any monies earned from sales or royalties.
    • If I choose to publish the story, I will contact you first to find out if you want names or locations changed.
    • You may share the story with anyone you choose, provided that you do so with the author’s name on it.
    • You may not post the story online in any form, although you can store it in the cloud and share links to it.
  • If I go over the amount of words you’ve paid for, you don’t have to pay extra. So, if you buy a “Medium” story and it ends up being 12,000 words, you still only pay $100.
  • Approximate time to receive finished work:
    • Short: 5 business days
    • Medium: 10 business days
    • Long: 15 business days
    • Novelette: 30 business days
    • Novella: 60 business days
    • Novel: 90 business days
    • The writing clock will not begin until we have hammered out the details of the story. This may take several days depending upon how promptly you reply to my emails.
    • I will usually only work on one story at a time. If there is a backlog, I will let you know.
  • I may have questions about certain things that need to occur in the story. Please make yourself available via email for this purpose.

How to Get Started:

Click this Contact link and, in the comment, let me know you want me to write a custom story. I’ll get back to you via email.