Discipline and Teaching

I’ve posted before about how much I enjoy discipline and punishment spankings. The Latin root for “discipline” is the word for “instruction”, and I guess that’s something that really touches me when I have to discipline someone.

Also, as an interesting bit of background for this post: I was a college professor for a year, and an English tutor for three.

So, on Sunday I went to the local BDSM club with the specific plan to play with a friend. It was her first time at such a club, and she needed someone she trusted, not only to possibly play with, but to help her feel okay with the whole thing. I told her we didn’t even have to play if she didn’t feel comfortable, but she did, and we had a great scene.

Afterward, I was talking to her and her friend, and her friend is interested in getting into topping. So I said “why don’t you try spanking her?” My friend was totally on board with this, so we got her into position and I helped her friend find the right position for herself as well as the right place to spank. We started over my friend’s dress, and then eventually pulled it up so she could get more spanks on her bare (and well-bruised) bottom. I talked her friend through it, gave her some pointers, but her friend was actually already pretty good at the hand spanking part. I also gave her friend a small paddle to try, which both of them enjoyed greatly.

I really enjoyed teaching her friend, and her friend was pretty happy about the whole thing too.

It was a fun Sunday afternoon had by all. Not only did I get to do a good scene, but I got to indulge the “discipline” part of myself by teaching someone how to do something fun.

I also got to see both of them naked as they did short wax scenes, which was a nice treat.

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