Swing Swing

(Am I the only one who now has that song running through their head? Please tell me I’m not the only one.)

I recently started a story where the fashion aesthetic of the main character is based on a specific woman I follow on Instagram. I’m not going to share her link here, but suffice it to say that she’s curvy and pretty, and wears glasses, and is sort of a “retro hipster”. She wears a lot of dresses, and I spent some time figuring out exactly what the type of dress was called so I could accurately portray it in the story.

Apparently she wears what are called “swing dresses”. Here are some examples:

(Art of a curvy woman in a red-and-white checked swing dress with red heels and a red cardigan.)
(Dark-haired woman wearing a swing dress with a black top, a belt at the waist, and a pattern of Scottie dogs and pink, gray, and blue squares.)
(Heavily-tattooed curvy woman wearing a sleeveless swing dress with a loud pattern throughout in blue, yellow, and red, with black high-heels.)
(Curvy dark-haired woman wearing a swing dress that is blue with red and pink flowers on it, three-quarter sleeves, showing a lot of cleavage, and blue high-heels.)
(Dark-haired curvy woman in a white sleeveless swing dress with black polka-dots, showing cleavage with a hint of her bra visible, and white high-heels.)

I happen to like this aesthetic quite a bit, which is why I gave it to my character, Lee Kingston (which will be the tag for this story once I start posting parts of it). So far nothing sexy has happened in the story, so I don’t have any previews for you yet, but I’m hopeful that I’ll have something for you soon. In the meantime, enjoy these pictures.

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