Today’s the day! Training the Trainer is out right now, and you can buy it in print or electronic format.

Just to remind you what it’s about:

Whether it’s training your dog or training your body, Grace Wright can help you reach your goals. But when it comes to romance, this trainer is having trouble getting it done, especially now that she’s making her first forays into BDSM.

When Grace meets Tim, a polyamorous married man who loves spanking, she thinks she’s found what she needs. They are compatible in so many ways, yet something’s still missing for Grace. The chemistry she’s looking for just isn’t there. 

Grace starts to post personal ads, but almost all the responses are dick pics and unsuitable candidates. Then Tim introduces her to his friend Brian, and despite Brian being married (and polyamorous) too, there’s just something about him that pushes Grace’s buttons. He’s dominant, confident, and good at what he does — and his wife’s not bad either. He might not be perfect, but is he perfect for Grace?

Maybe she just needs a little more training…

And here’s a fun bonus: the original image of the model we used for Grace, before we changed her hairstyle:

(Woman in gray sweatshirt, arms folded, with blond hair up so it looks short.)

I guess I could have changed the descriptions of Grace in the book so she looked more like the model, but I’m happy with how the cover came out.

I do wonder if some of these women who model for stock photos know that they’re on the cover of erotica stories.

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