Spanking Pyramids and Spanking Credits

How would a spanking pyramid scheme work?

In a traditional pyramid scheme, person A has to recruit persons B, C, D, and E to sell product. Person A then gets a cut of their sales. Meanwhile, person A was recruited by person Z, who also recruited persons Y, X, W, V, and U, so person Z gets a cut of all those sales. And so on, up the chain, until the person at the very top of the pyramid gets so many cuts of sales that they don’t even have to do any work.

I guess, if you’re looking at it from the point of view of bottoms, person A earns a spanking. They recruit persons B, C, D, and E to take 10% of their spanking, so they only have to take 60% of it in the end. Then, when person B recruits persons F, G, H, and J, then person B takes 10% of person A’s spanking, plus 60% of their own spanking, since their recruits are taking 10% of person B’s spanking. And so on down the line.

I don’t know. It was just a fleeting thought.

I guess in a way it’s like getting spanking credits — if you do something very, very good, you get a credit of (for example) two paddle swats that you can cash in the next time you do something very, very bad, so instead of getting ten swats, you get eight. Or a credit that says your next paddling is given with the hand, or over your clothes instead of on your bare bottom. Of course, to make that work, you have to be in a situation where your punishments are strict — not strict as in “you have to follow a million rules” but strict as in “100% consistent”. (Though I suppose you could have it both ways.)

I have given spanking credits from time to time. Interestingly, they’re rarely cashed in — either the bottom forgets about them, or she feels she doesn’t deserve to cash them in because she deserves the whole punishment.

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