Buzz, buzz, buzz

(Yes, I’m currently watching Yellowjackets; why do you ask?)

I recently got a Hitachi magic wand vibrator to use with my partners (cleaning thoroughly between each use, of course), and also occasionally on myself. My second wife got ours in the divorce, so it was about time to replace it.

I do like teasing and edging myself with a vibrator from time to time, although the Hitachi is almost too much. As the realtor is about to learn…

Once I was fully hard, she rolled away, rummaged around in her bedside drawer, and returned with her Hitachi, the cord draped over her side. “Speaking of things I always wanted to try…”

I raised an eyebrow.

Julianna brought the bulbous head of the Hitachi closer and closer, until it was touching the underside of my cock, and then she clicked the switch.

My back arched and my heart jumped into my throat. I knew Julianna liked to use the Hitachi when she needed a quick release by herself — we’d never used vibrators during our play together — and now I understood why. The vibrations were stronger than anything I’d ever felt, and when she pressed it to the spot just behind my head, my muscles all clenched and my pulse raced.

“I’m glad you like that,” she said, just loud enough to be heard over the motor.

I couldn’t respond, not with words, but I reached over and put my hand on her shoulder, squeezing. She let out a small laugh that was equal parts amused and sexy as she ran the head of the toy along my shaft, from head to base, and then over my balls. That was a fun sensation, and it allowed my cock to relax a bit, although only a bit because before too long she had it on that spot again and I was gasping for air.

“Ready for more?”

“M… more?” It was almost a croak.

There was a quick double-click and then my eyes slammed shut. She’d turned the vibrator up to high — it only had two settings, it seemed — and it was so intense that I almost felt numb. My entire cock was vibrating along with the Hitachi, and I felt an orgasm start to build.

No, not start. It was basically already there.

She drew the head of the vibrator along my shaft again, buzzing the head firmly before moving away. Each time she got to the tip of my cock, I squirmed and I know my grip tightened on her; my other hand was full of bedding, clenching as tight as it could, and I was fighting the urge to squirm away. It was maddening, how she kept bringing me right to the edge and then pulling away. Intellectually I knew what edging was, but experiencing it for the first time was something entirely different.

“Ready?” she asked, louder now — the motor in the Hitachi was almost like a small blender, it was so loud.

I could only nod.

Julianna rested the head of the vibrator on that spot one last time, and I gave in. My orgasm thundered through me, and while I could barely feel the actual spurting because my entire lower body was being buzzed I definitely felt my come splatter on my chest and stomach. There was a hell of a lot of it, too.

Julianna clicked off the vibrator even as my cock pulsed and jumped, the last of my orgasm dribbling down the shaft. She leaned over and kissed me quickly on the lips, even as my chest heaved from trying to get enough air.

“That looked intense,” she said, a smile in her voice.

I nodded again. I still couldn’t talk. That made her laugh quietly.

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