Groundhog Day

Sometimes traditions are really weird. Groundhog Day is by far one of the weirdest. If the clouds cover enough of the sun, the groundhog won’t see his shadow and people think that means we’ll have an early spring. If the sun is out, that means six more weeks of winter. Weird, right?

However, Groundhog Day is also Ann‘s birthday. Happy birthday, darling. I won’t tell everyone how many spanks you’re going to be getting today, but suffice it to say you will be getting some.

Maybe I’ll do a Clare Fonda-style birthday spanking — when I subscribed to her site years ago, she had a series of birthday spanking videos where she’d give the model all of her birthday spankings in one go. So, one for turning one, two more for turning two, three more for turning three, etc., until they got to 20 or 25 or however old the model was. Most spanking models are under thirty, but for someone who might be forty or even fifty (Ann is neither forty nor fifty) it could take quite a while to deliver all of those swats.

I’m looking forward to it.

(This is the only video I could easily find that had both Clare Fonda and birthday spankings in it. It’s not quite the one I was looking for, but I suppose it’ll do.)

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