A Pleasant Surprise

It’s always a pleasant surprise when I check my stats and see that one of my books or stories has been purchased, or when my Kindle Unlimited stats show that someone has read something I wrote. But I was very pleasantly surprised last week when I checked my Smashwords stats and saw that five people, over the course of two days, read Detective Daddy and the Puppy’s Outing. I’ve done almost no marketing for that story — I don’t even have any flyers made for it — and yet five people in two days decided it was interesting enough for them to read the whole thing.

That’s a good feeling.

Of course, none of them reviewed it — and, in fact, I only received two reviews on my books in 2021 and have none so far in 2022. I know that Amazon automatically makes it easy when you’re reading on Kindle to rate and review books, and I really wish more people would do that. I love hearing what people think.

I’m not a writer to make money — I know that I’ll never be prolific enough to be a full-time writer, not until I’ve retired from the workforce and am living on my pension and what’s left of Social Security. I’m in it to share my stories with people and get feedback on them.

So why not give me a pleasant surprise today? Go to my Books page, pick a book you’ve read, and review it. I’d really appreciate it. (Or, if you don’t want to do that, maybe comment on one of the previews on the blog. There are plenty. Just saying.)

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