Sometimes all it takes is a little push

I’m not great at titles — either the story has a title I like right from the beginning (like Training the Trainer or Lessons), or my silly working title becomes the actual title (like Butt Stuff), or I spend weeks agonizing over a title (like the Kristen story). For one of my genre fiction novels, I went to Fiverr and purchased an “I’ll come up with ten titles for your book” package, which didn’t actually help that much, but it did push me in the right direction and I came up with a title for that novel that I don’t actually hate.

The same thing happens with blurbs sometimes. For Lessons, I couldn’t come up with a blurb that I really liked, so I went to Fiverr and purchased a blurb writing package. The writer gave me a place to start, and I eventually wrote the blurb for that novel. (I also figured out a great tagline… unfortunately well after the book had been published. But it is what it is.)

I was in a similar bind with Training the Trainer — I just couldn’t get a good blurb written. I purchased a blurb writing package (from a different person this time), and while she delivered exactly what she promised, and while the blurb does in fact tell you what the story is about, I just… well… I don’t like it very much. It seems too generic to me.

I took a few elements of it and worked it into the actual blurb for TtT, but for the most part I kept what I wrote (and Ann helped a little bit too). I’m putting the finishing touches on it now, and I’ll probably share it sometime this week. Once it’s done, I can commission an artist for the cover and then I can start planning to actually publish the book.

When you’re stuck, sometimes all it takes is a little push to get going. A pebble can start a rockslide, after all.

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