When you’re commissioning a cover for a book, it helps to have a pretty good idea of what you want the cover to look like before you hire the artist. Generally I have at least some idea (although the cover for Detective Daddy and the Puppy’s Outing went through several revisions with the artist), although I freely admit that I could have come up with something better for the cover of Weekend Plans — I like the background and color, but the picture is fairly generic.

Fortunately, for Training the Trainer, I know exactly what I want the cover to look like. And on top of that, I even have images I can give the artist so my vision is realized the way I want it to be.

Here’s the images I’m going to be sending:

A brindle pitbull dog with a white chest and a chain collar. The dog is smiling with its mouth open.
Actor Charlize Theron, with a short blond crew cut.
A smiling woman in blue polo shirt with arms crossed, on a white background. She has long curly auburn-brown hair.
A woman with short brown hair, arms folded, head tilted, wearing a striped button-down collared shirt. Photo by Giovanni Zacche.

What am I going to ask the artist to do with all four of these photos? Well, you’ll just have to wait and see.

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