SWITCHING PLANS: Coming March 31!

I’ve officially set the release date for Switching Plans, the sequel to Weekend Plans, for Friday March 31. However, you can preorder it right now!

Of course, the usual caveats apply: you can only preorder electronic copies, because Amazon has yet to figure out how to do preorders of printed copies unless your book is being released by a major publisher. That said, I actually recommend getting the electronic copy this time. See, the book is 420 pages long if you look at it on your e-reader, but in print, if I made it unabridged, it would be over 1200 pages. So I had to trim quite a lot to fit it into a reasonably-sized paperback.

I mean, if you want the paperback, that’s awesome. But you’ll enjoy the ebook more. Trust me on this. It has more spanking, more paths, more choices, and more fun.

Oh, and one other thing: for the next five days, Weekend Plans is free for Kindle users! Meet Shawn, Julie, and several other spankees, and get yourself ready for Switching Plans. Grab your free copy now, and you’ll have a few weeks to make sure you read every page before the sequel comes out.

Anyway, that’s the news for today. Preorder now!