What do I love about spanking?

I was recently at a munch and someone asked me what I love about spanking.

My answer: everything.

Let me break it down into the five senses. (Well, three, because spanking doesn’t really involve taste or smell very much.)

  • Sight: Watching someone bare their bottom. Seeing them over my lap. Seeing their skin go pink, and then red. Watching welts and bruises form. Seeing the progression as the marks fade.
  • Sound: Hearing the sounds of pain (and pleasure). The way my hand, or an implement, sounds when it lands.
  • Touch: The intimacy of having someone over my lap. The way their skin feels under my hand when it’s cool and unspanked, and when it’s warm and well-spanked.

What do I love mentally about spanking? When it’s not a punishment spanking, it’s how someone is willingly handing themselves over to me for something that they know is going to hurt but they want anyway. If it’s punishment, I actually get emotional and mental satisfaction from the discipline — which, remember, comes from the same root as “teaching” — and modifying their behavior. If it’s in public, I appreciate being watched, especially when I do something and someone watching winces in sympathetic pain (which happened recently at a play party). And if it’s with someone I’m romantically or sexually involved with, I always like that it turns the person on so we can do something about that afterward.

Is there anything I don’t like about spanking? Pretty much this and only this. Otherwise, there’s a reason it’s my favorite kinky activity. Hopefully it’s yours too.

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