Spanking and Stroking with Joe and Emily

Remember a few weeks ago I posted a gif of a guy coming while being stroked and spanked at the same time? Well, on that day, I was inspired to write a story where that very activity happens. Here’s some of it:

Emily had to give Joe credit: he did his best to stroke his cock as she smacked his sore bottom with her hand, over and over. But it clearly wasn’t working the way she’d intended, because she wasn’t hearing the sounds he usually made when he was enjoying himself.

She rectified that problem by squeezing between him and the bed, on her knees, and swallowing his cock down to the hilt.

That got the moan she was looking for.

Joe was always appreciative of Emily’s oral talents — she knew she didn’t give the best head on the planet, but she enjoyed doing it — and that made it hotter, made her grow wetter and more slippery. She held onto his ass, feeling the heat as she squeezed it hard, sucking and slurping. She wasn’t always this messy, but she wanted him to come. Not in her mouth, but she wanted his orgasm, and she didn’t care what it took to get there.

Maybe five minutes later, well before Emily’s jaw got tired, she felt Joe start to throb harder in her mouth. That was her cue to get back up, to grab his cock and stroke it, fast and hard. “Em,” he moaned. “Em, fuck!”

“You can come,” she told him.

Then she spanked him.


“Come for me, Joe. Come for me!”

It didn’t take long. She managed maybe twenty spanks — getting the rhythm down wasn’t easy — before he groaned and thrust against her hand. She felt him come, watched it spurt out and land in thick ropes on the towel. Her stroking slowed, and she landed a few more hard swats on his ass before finally letting go.

“Fuck,” he whispered.

“Told you we could do it.”


Emily gave him one more spank and then kissed him before rolling up the towel and throwing it into the hamper. Then she laid down on the bed, legs apart, touching herself. “My turn now?”

“Oh, yes.” Joe crawled onto the bed, between Emily’s legs. “Yes, please.”

This piece will appear in the May edition of my holiday stories, so you’ll have to wait a while to read the whole thing, but I’m sure you’ll enjoy it when you do.

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