This Looks Fun

Spanking? Check. Handjobs? Check. Both at the same time? That’s a big ol’ check right there!

(A gif of a woman in a pink dress spanking a naked man’s bare backside while stroking his cock. He is coming.)

One of my biggest fantasies is to be put over someone’s lap and spanked until I come, trapped between their thighs. However, I know that’s not realistic unless the spankee has a comically-long penis, and mine is not comically-long. However, I could see myself in this position, being spanked while also being stroked. Hell, I wrote a whole story about spanking and stroking:

Never underestimate the sensuality and pleasure one can receive when the giver of the handjob is skilled. If you haven’t had one in a while, you should try it; if you haven’t given one in a while, you should see how it goes. I think you’ll be surprised, no matter which end of the handjob you’re on.

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