Stroking Again

Remember when I wrote that post about strokers? Well, I just wrote my second scene with one. The first one is in One Night in Asheville, which you’ll get to read in my third short-story collection, and that’s a couple using one. The second, though, is a solo story that probably won’t be published until 2024. Here’s some of it:

The bag only had three items in it: a thick water-based lubricant gel I’d used before, some toy cleaner, and a flesh-toned stroker — black, not white — with surprisingly-accurate lips at one end. Not the mouth ones, either. The purchase had cost more than fifty dollars, but if I was going to use a stroker, I wanted a good one, not a cheap-ass one. Though there had been ones mimicking asses as well, come to think of it. I wasn’t really into anal, though if this one worked out, I might go back and give that one a shot.

I took off my clothes, laid a towel on the bed, and stretched out on top of it. I was already getting hard just thinking about the illicit nature of what I was about to do — for some reason, it’s okay for women to use vibrators and dildos but when men use sex toys they still get ridiculed, which was weird — and as I squirted the lube into the opening of the stroker and spread it around the sheer realistic feel of the toy made me fully erect.

I added lube to my cock, which throbbed in my hand, and then came the moment of truth: I lowered the stroker to the tip of my cock and ran the lips along the edge of it.

And shuddered. Fuck, that felt nice. Almost as nice as the real thing.

I watched, pillows stacked up under my head and neck, as I penetrated the toy, inch by slow inch. It felt exactly like a woman should feel, except colder — the lube wasn’t warm. I brought the toy down all the way, until I was fully engulfed and the faux-clit was against the base of my cock. I felt myself pulse, and then pulse again as I extracted myself, all except the head.

Then I started fucking the toy.

I originally just wrote “flesh-toned”, but I went back and updated it because “flesh-toned” shouldn’t just mean “white person flesh-toned”. That’s why my character bought one that matches Black tones rather than white tones. Mine happens to be white-toned, but that’s because it was the only one I could find of the type I wanted. I’m an equal-opportunity sex-toy user, though; my toys are all sorts of colors.

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