Chloe and Paula: Day 4

You met Chloe. You met Paula. You watched them start to play. Now here’s where things get intense. As before, all images are from

(Hard to explain. Chloe is on her shoulders, her hips up on Paula’s chest, while Paula goes down on her. Both women are naked.)

(Chloe is on the floor as Paula looks down between her legs. There is a banana on the floor, and what looks like a cucumber or zucchini.)

(They have changed positions. Chloe is leaning back against the chair while Paula sits between her legs, fingering her. Chloe is holding tight to her right breast and Paula’s right hand.)

(Chloe now holds both of her breasts, in the throes of passion, as Paula uses both hands between Chloe’s legs.)

(Chloe tosses her head to the side as Paula fucks her with two fingers.)

(A closer look at Chloe, mid-orgasm.)

In the actual video, we do see Paula reach orgasm as well, but I don’t seem to have any images of that happening. Alas.

Tomorrow: the gentle conclusion.

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