Chloe and Paula: Day 1

This week, I’m giving you a Christmas present. Enjoy!

Two of my very favorite adult models ever are Chloe B. and Paula. I was first exposed to them via the delightful site, which started out as an offshoot of Beautiful Agony and featured women masturbating to completion. Originally all the videos were shot from above the bed, but over time additional angles were added, and also videos with two or more women masturbating together or having sex. It’s a great site, and I did for a while subscribe to it back in the 2000s.

Chloe B. was originally called “Strawberry”, and here’s a gif from her first video:

(GIF from Chloe B. masturbates to completion, clutching her left breast, her blond hair splayed out on the bed.)

Chloe is tall, curvy, and seems like a fun person to be around, judging from the interview segments she’s done on various sites.

Here are some more images of Chloe:

(Image from Chloe in jeans and panties, topless and barefoot, in a nature setting.)

(Image from Chloe, kneeling on a bed, wearing only a pair of blue panties.)

(Image from Chloe, on the same bed, naked and spread open.)

(Image from Chloe, from the waist up, removing her bra to reveal her breasts.)

(Image from Chloe, on a different bed, completely naked and smiling. In this one she is not shaved.)

(Image from, I think: Chloe, held from behind by a dark-haired woman, as they kiss over Chloe’s shoulder.)

Tomorrow, I’ll introduce you to Paula.

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