Chloe and Paula: Day 2

Yesterday I introduced you to the delightful Chloe B. Today, I’m introducing you to the equally-delightful Paula. As with Chloe, I originally met Paula on, where she went by “Cle”. Paula, like Chloe, is a somewhat-curvy woman, though she is a brunette and not quite as tall. She also seems a little more… aloof? Distant? Not really sure how to explain it. In videos with other women, though, she seems quite warm and friendly.

(Image from Paula, wearing a lace top and heart-printed panties, smiles at the camera.)

(Image from Paula kneels outside on a deck, topless, with her jeans and panties down.)

(Image source unknown: Paula sits naked on a bed, slightly smiling.)

I like this last photo because you can’t see everything, but you can see a hint of it, and sometimes when part of the body is covered it can actually be hotter than when the entire body is naked.

Paula hasn’t done as much work (at least, that I can find) as Chloe, but she has done scenes with her. Here’s an image from a scene that I don’t think fits with the most famous scene the two of them have done together:

(Image source unknown: Paula sits on a chair, her breasts pulled out of her bra, as Chloe kneels between her legs, pulling her panties aside.)

Tomorrow, I’ll start showing you the most famous scene the two of them have done together.

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