Chloe and Paula: Day 3

Now that you’ve met Chloe and Paula, it’s time to share with you the most famous scene the two of them have ever done together. All images in this post are from

(Chloe sits between Paula’s spread legs, wearing only a pair of panties, Paula’s hand inside them as the two women kiss over Chloe’s shoulder.)

This is the most frequently-displayed image from the scene. I would reblog it every time I saw it pass by on Tumblr, and I think I must have done so at least a dozen times in the ten years I was active on that site. It’s amazing, isn’t it?

(Chloe sits between Paula’s legs, kissing her jaw slightly.)

(Chloe and Paula kiss, face-to-face, Chloe sitting on the floor. Paula is teasing Chloe’s right breast.)

(The two women have swapped positions, and Chloe is reaching between Paula’s cheeks to play with her ass while the two women kiss passionately.)

(Chloe and Paula scissoring on the floor.)

Tomorrow: more of this dynamite scene.

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