TASSP, Day Three: More Spankings!

On Saturday morning at TASSP, I was supposed to meet up with author Clarine Klein to do a very intense role-playing scene where she was the naughty teenager who lied about being sick and I was the dad-figure who punished her for it. Unfortunately, something came up and we had to scrap the scene, but we did make plans to play later in the evening.

Saturday was also the vendor fair, where a couple dozen booths were set up and not only were party attendees invited but also the general public was welcome (as long as they showed an over-21 ID). I met a lot of cool folks and sold several books. Which reminds me, I still have to send out my Three Paddlings for Kristen giveaways.

I had about an hour between the end of vending and the start of the next event, and the blonde woman from Friday wanted to play again. This time I was ready for her — I had implements handy, and all of them were sealed/varnished so if she did accidentally bleed they could be easily cleaned off. I needed implements this time, because in the morning I found a little nick in my spanking hand, and I needed to take care of it if I wanted to keep using it. I spanked her over her panties again (again they revealed a good portion of her backside), using my hand, a paddle, and a hairbrush. It was an appropriately-hard spanking for an appropriately-heavy bottom. She bled again, and I really wished that I’d thought to have a band-aid handy — I definitely will next time I go to a spanking party — but we dealt with it appropriately, and in the end I gave her about ten hard swats with the scene-ender paddle. The scene left her a little spacy, which was really nice.

The next event was called “Spanky Hawkins”, where the tops dress up in costumes and the bottoms walk around the room, requesting spankings from whatever tops they like. I got to spank the dark-haired woman from Friday (more about her later) as well as someone else I’ve played with in the past. There were definitely some tops that were more popular than others, and I was not a popular top. But I was wearing a Squirrely Dan costume, and one person actually got the reference.

Halfway through dinner, N (from Friday) told me she was heading upstairs to change, which was our cue to get ready for our scene (which I will be writing about in its own post). It was intense, and satisfying for both of us, and that’s really all you can ask for.

After N, I went to the male/male party to do research. After all, I write about male/male spanking, but I’ve never experienced it. Unfortunately, straight-identifying men aren’t really socialized to want to do sexual things with other men, or even experiment, but fortunately there was someone there to help instigate things. That party is getting its own post as well.

Once the male/male party ended, I met up with Clarine and we did a fun spanking scene in one of the hospitality suites. There was a lot of OTK hand and paddle spanking, both over her panties and on her bare bottom, and I also had her bend over some pillows so I could use the evil stick, the Wal-Mart spoon, and the scene-ender. She was extremely red and sore afterward. I’m really glad I got to meet her; she’s a cool person, and a very creative writer. You should check out her work.

Finally, I met up with the dark-haired woman from Friday night. We’d had dinner together, and we clicked, and I very much wanted to spank her. (In all honesty, I wanted to do more than just spank her, but we didn’t talk about it so I don’t know if she was interested in more. My own fault for being too shy to ask.) We met up a little after 12:30am, and I put her over my knee and lifted her skirt. She is over six feet tall and her curves are luscious and lovely, but it doesn’t matter what your size is — if I say you’re going over my knee, you’re going over my knee. I spanked her with my hand, and it was almost a bare-bottom spanking because, given the shape of her bottom, her panties basically revealed the entire thing. It was a wonderful target, and I enjoyed every spank. She also laid down on the bed and I used my rubber tawse (she likes stingy impact) as well as my wooden spoon and the evil stick. She made such wonderful noises when we played, and the hugs we shared afterward were great too.

After that, it was time for me to go to bed. I had to leave the next morning.

Tomorrow: N’s spankings.

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