TASSP: N’s Spankings

N, as I have mentioned in previous TASSP posts, is a woman I spanked while at the party. We originally started talking on Fetlife and she told me three things she wanted to do: a bedtime spanking, spank a man, and get a cathartic spanking. After we discussed for a bit, we landed on “cathartic”. That can be very difficult to do with someone you’ve never met, and N and I didn’t meet until the Friday of the party, but I was going to do everything I could to make it happen for her.

When N and I first met in person on Friday evening, we talked about all sorts of things — food, parenting, relationships, and yes, even spanking. My goal was to put her at her ease and make sure she was comfortable with me. If that didn’t happen, the odds of her getting the release she needed were infinitesimal. We negotiated fairly extensively, and she complimented me by telling me that I should teach a negotiation class. (I am going to write a post about it, but as for teaching a class? I’m not sure if I’m the best person to do that.)

After we talked, we adjourned to one of the side rooms in the hospitality suite. I put N over my knee, lifted her skirt, and spanked the seat of her panties with my hand. She was surprised and impressed at how thorough even that simple spanking was, and when it was over, she was feeling optimistic about how the cathartic spanking would go.

When N showed up at my door on Saturday night, she had a headache. I offered to postpone or even cancel the scene, but she didn’t want to do that. She was also quite nervous — she was about to get spanked quite hard. I’d also put out my hairbrush and the scene-ender paddle; I told her I wasn’t sure if I was going to need them, but they were there just in case.

To help N feel more comfortable, we talked about food again, and cooking, before I asked her to tell me what was on her mind that made her feel she needed a cathartic spanking. I won’t share what she said, because it’s private, but suffice it to say she has a lot on her mind that she needs to process.

Once the talking was over, I pulled down N’s pants and panties and put her over my knee. The mechanics of the spanking were pretty standard — although I did start out a bit harder than I might normally do — but it was the “lecture” that I was really focusing on. I wasn’t lecturing her in the way one lectures a naughty person; I was reassuring her, reminding her of the possible solutions we talked about, telling her she was okay and she was safe, and generally being positive while also spanking her bare bottom quite hard.

After her warm-up, I really started laying into her. Not as hard as I could go, but hard, hard enough that she was making noises. I kept talking to her, urging her to do what she needed to do, to feel what she needed to feel, and then the dam broke and she started to cry.

I didn’t stop spanking her, though. I let her cry; I reassured her; I told her she was okay, that she could cry all she needed to, that I was right there and wasn’t going to let her go or judge her. She cried hard, harder than anyone has ever cried for me who hadn’t already built a relationship of some sort with me.

After a brief break, I spanked her again, and she cried again, and it was okay. Everything was okay. She needed this, and she trusted me to bring her through it safely and successfully.

I ended the spanking part of the scene with thirty extremely hard — like, 100 percent intensity hard — spanks, not slow or fast but inexorable, and I hadn’t told her how many she’d be getting so she had no idea when it was going to end. But it did end, and then she sat in my lap and we hugged for a while, talking some more. I took some photos of her bottom, which was extremely red, and then there was more hugging and more talking. She told me she was feeling better, and even her headache was mostly gone. She said some extremely complimentary things about me, which felt really nice, but honestly the feelings that I got from using both spanking and my words to help her work through some issues would have been enough.

On Sunday morning, N came down for one more spanking — over my knee, just my hand, over her panties and then on her bare bottom. Not hard, but firm, enough to get her bottom red again. While I had her over my knee I told her that I liked her a lot and wished that we didn’t live so far apart, because if we didn’t, I might have asked her out. I think that surprised her, but in a good way. (She also told me I was one of the three hardest hand spankers she’s ever been with, and, ngl, I preened a bit.)

We hugged a few more times before we said goodbye, and we agreed not to lose touch. I didn’t expect to have those kinds of feelings for N, but I’m not unhappy about them.

Monday: the male/male experience!

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