It is harder than one would expect to find the right image for a character in a story. Take, for example, Jane, from the third installment of “Bobbie’s Good Boy“. Bobbie was relatively easy to find, but then, I got lucky with that image coming up in search. For Jane, it was a little tougher. I checked Google; I checked 123rf (which I use for stock photos for book covers); I even checked DeviantArt (where I found the model for Bobbie). But the closest I could come was from a lingerie website, and even then it’s not quite right.

(A curvy blond woman in a one-piece pink/fuschia lingerie outfit.)

The hair’s not the right length, and the mouth isn’t quite right, and she looks more glamorous than I imagine Jane to be, but the body is pretty accurate.

I’m writing the Bobbie series specifically to include women who do not meet the “standards” of beauty as put forth by the media. That doesn’t mean the women I’m imagining aren’t beautiful, because they are; I just am writing a specific type of beautiful woman.

The other problem is that, like Bobbie, Jane is based on a real person, and when a writer does that, it can be really hard to find an image to share that fits what’s in their mind’s eye.

But I’ll keep trying.

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