I’ve gone as far as I can

As I mentioned previously, I’m working on the rewrite of a story from twenty years ago, and I’ve made one of the characters a trans woman. I’ve added further details — she is a trans woman who has not had bottom surgery, and she and my main male character are in a sexual relationship.

Now, though, I’ve gone as far as I can without talking to a trans woman, because I have absolutely no frame of reference as far as how a trans woman has sex. I’ve spoken to one trans woman about sex, but not in detail — it was more about what she would want me to do if we ever were intimate, which didn’t end up happening (she met someone else and is now in a polyfidelitous triad).

I’ve sent out feelers to trans people in my extended circle, and I hope to hear back from one of them soon. Because I really want to write this story.

Anyway, here’s the scene leading up to the point that I’m stuck. Enjoy.

I don’t know how long Tina and Andrew were in the shower before her howl woke me up — it had to be an orgasm; nothing else could have made that noise — but once I was up, I was up and ready.

Well, ready to fuck, anyway. But to take off my panties in front of someone new? Someone whose history with trans women I didn’t know? What if she was turned off? What if she didn’t think I was “really” a woman?

The readiness started to fade. Fuck.

But no. I wasn’t going to give in. We’d planned this threesome for weeks, and I wasn’t going to mess it up with my insecurities. Andrew loved me as I was, and he wouldn’t bring someone in who couldn’t deal. I trusted him. I was going to march into that bathroom, get into the shower, and whatever happened, it would be fine. Or it wouldn’t. But I’d never know if I didn’t try.

Fortunately, it didn’t matter, not at first. Tina was up against the wall, her ass out, and Andrew’s face was buried in it. She was whimpering, barely audible over the shower. I knew how she felt; Andrew’s mouth was amazing, and he’d fucked my ass with his tongue — and his cock — on numerous occasions.

I knelt behind him, my body already wet from the shower, and held onto his waist while he worked her over. I was sure he could feel how aroused I was, and when I moved my hand down, I found his cock hard and ready. I stroked him slowly and he moaned into Tina’s ass, which made her moan too. This was the first time I’d ever seen him with someone else — oh, I knew he had other lovers; we were polyamorous and open, and didn’t hide things or keep secrets — and it was… well, it was hot, yes, but it was also interesting to see someone else on the receiving end.

I scooted over to the side a bit and reached between their bodies. Tina was quivering and wet, although I wasn’t sure how much of it was from the water and how much of it was from her arousal. She accepted two of my fingers pretty easily, though, and I pressed down, against her g-spot.

She let out a wail of joy and clamped down on me, and it turned me on to no end. I’d been with women who were assigned female at birth, both before I started my transition and after it, and their orgasms were always things of wonder to me. I often wondered if, once I had my surgery, what my own orgasms would feel like.

I did know one thing, though: I wanted to come.

No. I needed it.


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