Finding the right person

Bobbie is based on a real person, someone I used to work with when I was younger. The problem with writing stories based on real people, though, is that when you try to find a photo of them to use with a story, you often have to compromise. After all, even if I knew the real Bobbie’s last name (I used to know it but it’s been consigned to the ash-heap of my terrible memory), I would never link to her or share her photos.

However, I know it can be helpful for readers to have a visual reference point for a character. So I did a little googling and came up with this photo, featuring KuLLerMieTze from DeviantArt, taken by Maik Wöll.

(A larger-sized woman with long red hair, wearing a red lace bodysuit.)

The real Bobbie’s hair is lighter than that, but otherwise this is pretty close to what she looks like. I’m sure, after seeing this image, you can imagine why my main character wants to be her good boy.

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