2022 Appearances Update

Here’s a brief update on where you can find me in 2022:

  • The third Tuesday of every month, except for June: the Woodstock munch
  • May 12-15: Frolicon (Atlanta, GA)
    • I’ll be teaching at least three classes, most likely doing something at Bedtime Stories, and spending the rest of the time in the pre-function area, meeting readers and (hopefully) selling them books. Also you’ll probably see me in the dungeon more than once. For reasons.
  • June 16-19: SELF (Atlanta, GA)
    • I’ve never been to SELF before, but a lot of my friends have. I’ll have a table in the pre-function area (the same place as it’ll be at Frolicon), and I’ll also possibly be doing a reading of some of my stories. That last bit is yet to be determined.
  • July 7-10: TASSP (Dallas, TX)
    • I’ll be at TASSP primarily to have a good time, but I’ll also be in the vendors’ room on Saturday if you want me to sign anything.
  • November 10-13: Lone Star Spanking Party (Houston, TX) — Tentative!
    • I’m not sure if I’m going to Lone Star or not, but I should know shortly after TASSP. If I do, I’ll definitely be vending on Friday and Saturday.

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