Are all her muscles that much stronger?

On The Orville, Alara Kitan (and later Talla Keyali) is a member of the Xelayan people, who have something like ten times the strength of a human due to the heavier gravity on their homeworld. One of the refrains through the first season of the show is that Alara can’t seem to keep a boyfriend because they’re all intimidated by the fact that this tiny woman is so much stronger than her.

(L to R: Mark Jackson as Isaac, Halston Sage as Alara)

I’m doing a rewatch of The Orville with one of my partners, and for some reason I’m wondering if all of Alara’s muscles are ten times stronger than a human’s. Because, if so, I can understand how sex might be a little bit of a sticking point.

For the sake of argument, and because there is no evidence to the contrary, let’s assume Alara prefers penis-owning people — usually men. If you’re a man, go ahead and get hard, and then squeeze your penis as hard as you possibly can. If you’re a woman, try it on your longest finger.

Hurts, doesn’t it? I mean, I like some pain with my sex, but would I really want my penis to be vise-gripped like that every time my partner had an orgasm? (I know, I know, I’m assuming that Xelayan women have orgasms the same way human women do; just go with it.) I’ve been with women whose orgasms are so powerful that I have to actively put in effort to stay inside them until it’s over, lest I be pushed out from the intensity of it, but that doesn’t actually hurt. And yeah, I like a tight grip during handjobs. But that tight?

I happen to think strong women are sexy as hell, and if I’m with a woman who can kick my ass, that’s hot as fuck. I would gladly date Alara Kitan. But fucking her might present a bit of a problem.

Still, The Orville takes place in the 25th century. I’m sure there’s a way around it. And it would certainly be fun to find one.

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