Will it be “Three Paddlings”?

I really, really want to publish the Kristen story. Problem is, I still don’t have a title for it. Most of the titles that I’ve heard about revolve around the spanking court scene, or something like “Kristen’s Spanking Journey”. The former doesn’t really encapsulate the whole point of the story, which is her journey, but the latter just sounds boring.

At some point I have to fish or cut bait. (And isn’t that a weird phrase?) So I think that if I haven’t come up with anything better by the end of the month, it’s going to be “Three Paddlings for Kristen”. I mean, I have all the other parts I need to publish; I just need a good title. And hopefully “Three Paddlings” will get enough people’s attention that they’ll want to read the story and get to know my characters.


So if you have any good title ideas, now’s the time to suggest them.

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