Getting past the discomfort

Anal play feels good. It just does. I mean, it’s not for everyone, and if you don’t like it, that’s your choice, but if you let yourself enjoy it, it feels amazing.

A couple of weeks ago, I was with one of my partners and she brought a small plug/anal toy with a little upward curve to it that was ideal for stimulating the prostate. It was basically this, but without the vibrating part. We started our play with me on my back, and she lubed me up (and her hand too) and then used her fingers on me. I thought it was the toy, because when she took them out, I said something like “it fell out.”

That’s the first discomfort: the fact that, when fingers or a toy or a penis is exiting the butt, it feels like pooping. (We’re all adults here. Stop snickering.) Entry feels good, and having it in feels good, but taking it out, not so much. We are trained from pretty much toddlerhood that you should be in the bathroom when you feel that sensation. Even with small items (this particular partner has very small hands), it still feels strange. But you have to trust yourself, and trust your butt.

Anyway, once I was ready, she worked in the toy until it was nestled in place. Every time she moved it or rocked it, it hit the spot and I moaned. I was already hard from her fingers, but now I was the next thing up from hard.

With the toy in my ass, she went down on me, using her mouth and her hand at the same time. It was wonderful to watch. It also didn’t take too terribly long for me to come in her mouth — and there was a lot of it.

That was the second discomfort. When orgasming, your whole lower body tends to clench. This includes your butt. However, when you have something in your butt, it feels like you’re trying to clench around something — again, a sensation that usually occurs in the bathroom, if it occurs at all. That orgasm felt wonderful, but it also felt weird, and I could tell I was focusing more on not tightening my ass than on the orgasm itself. (And then, of course, when we were done she had to take the toy out too. My least favorite part of anal play, by far.)

Overall it was a most enjoyable scene, and afterward I used both hands on my partner, double-penetrating her until she came, which was also quite enjoyable. I have to believe that, as my fingers moved in and out of her ass, she felt the same discomfort I did, although like me she didn’t say anything about it.

Maybe with more anal play I will get past the discomfort, or at least get used to it, because like I said the rest of it is amazing.

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