At least you could let me know…

Last year at Frolicon, I had plans to play with someone. We met up in the pre-function area and she said she’d be right back; she disappeared and I didn’t see her again the entire weekend. She didn’t even text me to tell me what was going on. It wasn’t until later the next week that we finally connected; it turned out she was having an issue with someone at the con and went back to her room to avoid that person.

This year, we reconnected via text and started making plans to meet up and play. We talked on a Monday and Tuesday, and then Wednesday I told her when I was available. She didn’t reply to any of my messages, and the weekend passed without us playing. As the kids say, she left me on read.

Okay. Fine.

About a week ago, I found that I had a free night that I wasn’t expecting. I texted her again, asking her if she was busy; the message remained unread for a couple of days, and then on Wednesday it changed to read. But she never actually replied.

Look, I get it: not everyone wants to play with me. That’s totally fine. But if you say you want to play, and then ghost me, that’s not cool. At least you could let me know that you’re not interested, or that you’re busy, or that now isn’t a great time, or that you don’t want me to contact you but you’ll contact me when you’re ready. Give me something. Otherwise you’re just being rude.

This person now has three strikes against her. I still really want to play with her, though, so if she messages me again I’m sure I’ll fall into her trap once more. Hope springs eternal.

2 thoughts on “At least you could let me know…

  1. Sorry to hear about your experience, but it doesn’t exactly encourage me to contact any of the ladies on here because I’m sure I would have even less success unless a lady identified herself to me as someone who would be likely to meet up over a coffee to share ideas!


    • I’m actually really shy (I know, right?), but I’ve learned that if you don’t put yourself out there to be rejected then you’ll never get to a point where you’re accepted.


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