A Blurb for Kristen

Well, I might not have a title for the Kristen novella yet, but I do have a blurb for it. So that’s nice.

From the author of BAKER’S DOZEN and LESSONS comes a tale of paddlings, parties, and private encounters…

Spanking is a journey, not a destination, and for Kristen Madison, sometimes the journey leaves her with a bruised bottom.

When Kristen badmouths a colleague at work, her disciplinarian is on the case, giving her a hard punishment paddling that she thinks is unfair — after all, what she said was in a private message, although she typed it on a work computer. Still, she broke the rules and has to pay the price. But a few weeks later, at her first spanking party, Kristen has the opportunity to appeal her punishment at Spanking Court.

Spanking parties, Kristen discovers, are a lot more than just role-playing scenes. She’s only been getting spanked for a few years, and she has plenty to learn. At the party she meets lots of new people who are into all sorts of spankings, and she tries things she might never have thought to do — like her first public spanking. And her second.

Kristen didn’t expect to fall for anyone at the party, though, and when she does, it’s up to her to decide just how far she wants to go, and what the next step is in her spanking journey.

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