Proofreading: it’s no joke

Today may be April Fools Day, but when it comes to proofreading, I’m not joking around.

Recently I was on Fetlife and I saw a post for “a new group for dominate women”.

I mean, come on! How hard is it to use the correct word? It’s either “a new group for dominating women” or “a new group for dominant women”. (I’m sure it was supposed to be the latter.)

You are not “a dominate”; you are “a dominant”.

When you are looking at something, you “peek”, you don’t “peak” — or, worse, “pique”.

You learned their/they’re/there in middle school.

Just because you’re on a social networking site doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be putting forth your best effort when it comes to making your posts. And that means proofreading them.

Please. Please. Proofread. If you don’t, it just makes me think you’re not serious about (for example) your new group for dominant women, and then I won’t join. (Well, I’m not a woman, so I wouldn’t join that group anyway, but you get it, right? Right?)

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