They Meet

I have three regular partners. Recently, they all met each other, all at the same time, in the same place.

That… could have been explosive.

Ms Pac Man and Pac Man, with a heart between them, from the game Ms Pac Man.

Lani and I had plans to go to the local dungeon to play at their over-40 party. Ann and her nesting partner were also going to be there. And Natalie decided she wanted to come too.

Only twice before have my partners met each other — my second wife met one of my long-distance girlfriends over a video chat, and she met another one in person. Both times were relatively brief meetings that seemed to go okay.

This was not going to be a relatively brief meeting. The play party lasted for five hours, and I had plans to play with all three of them.

It went… alarmingly well.

Lani and I arrived shortly after the dungeon opened. Natalie was already there. The two of them hit it off pretty well, it seemed, and when Natalie stepped away for a moment Lani said she liked her. But the real worry was Lani meeting Ann, due to some jealousy on Lani’s part toward something that Ann and I had done together.

While we waited for Ann, Natalie and I did a brief spanking scene in the dungeon, while Lani watched. While we played, Ann and her nesting partner arrived and began to set up their play space. After the scene, I introduced Ann to Natalie and Lani, and they talked for a little bit. Ann is bubbly, kind, and extroverted, and she put Lani at her ease pretty quickly, I think, before she (Ann) went off to do her scene. To fill the time, and for fun, Lani and I did a brief spanking scene, and then Lani did a wax and electricity scene with Ann’s partner (they had previously planned for this). She loved it.

Next up was Ann. We didn’t plan to do a long scene because we had just done one a few days before and she still had bruises. Of course, we’re both greedy when it comes to impact, and the scene left Ann with so many wooden spoon bruises on her backside that it looked like the salt monster from the original Star Trek had attacked her. Unfortunately we couldn’t take pictures at the dungeon, but she sent me some from later that evening and damn.

Finally, it was Lani’s turn. The plan was always to play with Lani last, and we did a moderately-long scene where I put her on a cross and flogged (and otherwise impacted) her shoulders. I’m pretty sure she was in subspace after that. We cuddled on the couch, and Natalie joined us (unfortunately Ann had to head home while Lani and I were playing), and then the three of us went to dinner together.

The night ended back at my house with a little more spanking for Lani, a couple of soaked-through towels, and two satisfied humans.

It was, I think, a pretty darn good day.

When someone is new to healthy polyamory, like Lani was, there’s always the chance things will go poorly. She’d had negative experiences in polyamory in the past. But Ann, Natalie, and I all believe in fully open and honest communication, and Lani got to experience that first-hand. She told me on the way home from the dungeon that she is feeling much better about the situation as a whole, although she admitted that she might still have a little jealousy from time to time. And that’s okay — jealousy isn’t bad in and of itself, but how one deals with it is the more important part.

As I write this, Lani is asleep in my bed, worn out from last night, while I “work” in my home office. And I’m doing all right. My three main partners all met, and everything went well, and my fears for the most part have been assuaged.

I’d call that a good day.

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