Spring Forward Into Spanking

Some years back, a friend and I gave serious consideration to planning a spanking party (akin to TASSP) in the southeastern US, since there wasn’t one there already. Still isn’t, actually; there’s Frolicon and SELF, but those aren’t focused specifically on spanking like TASSP is, or like Crimson Moon was.

I still have the spreadsheet we created to plan the party. We did a lot of prep work on it before we decided it wouldn’t be a good idea to do it at the time. We might come back to it at some point, especially since this friend now lives in the Atlanta area, as I do.

Most spanking party tickets are under $200. However, we had planned to charge $200 — a $100 deposit and $100 on arrival — and include meals: two breakfasts, one lunch, two dinners. We originally were going to make it a very small event, only inviting 20 people, but I figure if we had expanded the party to make it open to the 200-300 that usually attend such events then the prices would go down because we could hire a catering company and it would be less expensive per person for the food.

We also set up the schedule, including such events as:

  • Tops Topping Together — a specific time for tops to teach other tops various techniques.
  • Implement Showcase — basically a “petting zoo” where everyone could show off their implements and give test swats.
  • Same-Sex Special — men spanking men, women spanking women.
  • Principal-Student Role-Play Time — I actually did create discipline forms to fill out.
  • Spanky Hawkins — bottoms pick the tops they want to spank them. This is something that was done at TASSP the last time I went.
  • Rough Play Demo — more impact than just spanking.
  • The 43-Swat Challenge — I saw this video once of a woman taking an extremely hard paddling. She made it to 43 swats and then couldn’t take anymore. Anyone who wanted to see if they could beat 43 swats was welcome to bend over for me and get paddled.

We also put together a tentative rules list, which got kind of out of hand because you need a lot of guardrails around an event like this:

  • Have fun.
  • The organizers have final say on disputes and conflicts.
  • Play at your own risk — there are no DMs.
  • Be conscientious — if you see a dangerous scene, find an organizer. Only organizers can step in and interrupt scenes.
  • Absolutely forbidden: intentional bloodletting, needles, wax play, golden/brown/roman showers.
  • Bratting does not equal consent — at a lot of spanking parties, it does, but not at this one.
  • Check the wristband — everyone will have a wristband in a specific color that indicates their role, including if that role is “I don’t want to play with anyone.”
  • Clean up after yourself.

That’s not all of the rules. We really had a lot of them.

We even created a waiver form that everyone would be required to sign. BDSM clubs have waivers that they keep on file, and some house parties do as well, including a rather large and well-known one here in the Atlanta area that is currently on hiatus due to COVID.

We put a lot of thought into this party. Maybe when COVID ends (if it ever ends) we’ll circle back to the idea. I bet it would be fun. A lot of work, but still fun.

Oh, and in case you haven’t figured it out, “Spring Forward Into Spanking” would be held the weekend of the time change in the spring.

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