The Lecture

I was supposed to give a punishment spanking last night, but events conspired against me and we had to reschedule. She’ll still get her punishment, but she’ll have to wait a little longer for it.

She was 30 minutes late to work. The last time she was late, I halved the number of minutes and gave her (I think) twelve cold paddle swats over her panties. That seemed to work, but since it’s her second offense, I’m not halving it. She’s getting 30 cold paddle swats over her panties. The paddle is almost exactly like this one:

(caption: A wooden school paddle, unvarnished, with holes.)

Because the paddle is unvarnished and the holes aren’t beveled, I only use it over clothing — the last thing I want is to catch someone’s skin or cut them inadvertently. And believe me, I don’t just write about school-style paddlings; I give them. Thirty swats with that paddle will definitely get the message across.

I even know what the lecture is going to be like:

“Five minutes late… well, that happens sometimes.” (Five swats.)

“Ten minutes late… understandable on occasion.” (Five more swats.)

“Fifteen minutes… if you call ahead, or send an email, as long as it doesn’t happen often.” (Five more swats.)

“But being thirty minutes late…” (Five more swats.)

“Is just unacceptable.” (Five more swats.)

“Don’t you agree?” (Harder swat #26.)

“Don’t you think you should have been on time?” (Harder swat #27.)

“Don’t you think you should have planned things out better?” (Harder swat #28.)

“Is this going to happen again?” (Harder swat #29.)

“Are you sure?” (Hardest swat, #30.)

I’m fairly certain she’ll be in tears after this, which just means I got my message across.

I know she reads this site, so: what do you think? Will you be late to work again?

And to everyone else: would you risk the wrath of that paddle for… actually I don’t know why she was late, but it doesn’t matter. You have a job. Be on time. If you are, you get a “good girl.” If you’re not… well… you’d better bend over and hold on tight.

One thought on “The Lecture

  1. I am sorry about being late, for what it’s worth.
    Plus I was early the rest of the week.

    Not looking forward to this. I hate that paddle.


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