Ten Swats

Sometimes you just want to read about a true punishment paddling. Here’s one from “The Truth About Annie”, in Baker’s Dozen:

I didn’t give Annie any warning. I just swung the paddle, as hard as any spanker did in a school paddling video, and it slammed into Annie with a thick, loud CRACK.

She broke down in sobs almost immediately. Beth, whose face I could see when I looked up, had an unreadable expression, but I think it was mostly ‘end this soon’.

Fine by me. Another swing, another CRACK, in exactly the same spot. Annie wailed and kicked, but Beth was stronger than she looked and Annie couldn’t pull away.

A third CRACK and Annie’s voice broke. The target area was already fully crimson, the paddle was wide enough to get both her bottom and her thighs.

The fourth CRACK pulled a hoarse howl from Annie’s throat, and I knew that was it. I wasn’t stopping, not until all ten spanks were delivered, but she was at her limit in terms of how much it could hurt. Years of experience told me that.

I delivered the final six paddle swats, just as hard as the first four. When I was done, Annie’s bottom was deep reddish-purple, with defined marks that would become bruises. I’d spanked her too low to get bullseye bruises; instead, this would probably be one big purple mess in a little while.

I heard a click and turned. Nat had her phone out, and was taking a picture. “Just to remind her,” she said. “Of what will happen if she does this again.”

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