Butt Stuff, I Guess

I like butt stuff. Hell, I wrote a whole book about it. But sometimes I think I like it so disproportionately much that I’ll make mistakes with it. In Baker’s Dozen I put a story in the second slot that probably should have come later in the book, just because I personally liked what happened in it. It’s very much a PWP, although I tried to at least give it some semblance of a storyline.

Sometimes, though, I just want to write about stuff I want to do (or have done to me). In “Any Port in a Storm” (and I still have no idea why I called this story by that name, but I’m sure it made sense at the time when I wrote it), the main character meets a nice woman about his own age who is dominant in bed and it turns out he really likes what she does to him. Late in the story, she wants him in her ass. This is how that goes:

“Just go slow,” she said, looking over her shoulder and smiling at me. “I’ll tell you when to speed up.”

I nodded, then bit my lip and took hold of my cock with one hand. With the other, I spread Jo’s ass and leaned forward until the head of my cock poked gently at her, tiny invisible hairs tickling me a little.

“Go ahead, Carl. Do it.”

I took a deep breath and added some pressure. The head of my cock was bigger than her ass, but I popped in as easily as a key into a lock.

“Fuck,” she moaned. “Fuck, that feels good.”

“It… it doesn’t hurt?” It felt good to me too, but I didn’t want to cause her pain.

“If you were bigger,” she said. “Give me more.”

I worked more of my shaft into her tight, hot, slick backside. It was another completely new sensation — smoother than fucking the normal way, and there was more friction despite the lube. “Your cock…” She was groaning the words out. “Your cock is perfect for my ass.” She bore down and I let out a broken gasp. “Your cock is perfect for fucking my ass.”

Almost without thinking, I grabbed Jo’s ass cheeks and thrust forward to the hilt. She cried out, and I went still, afraid I’d done too much.

“Don’t you fucking dare stop!”

Oh. Good. I pulled back and shoved my cock in deep again, and again, and again, each time making her grunt as I bottomed out. It was unbelievable, and hot as hell, and because we’d fucked so much in the past day or so I was able to hold out long enough to really enjoy it.

“Harder!” It was almost a sob. “Fuck me harder!”

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