Find me at Frolicon 2015

Here’s where I’ll definitely be at Frolicon 2015:

  • Thursday 4/2, 6:00pm: Flash Your Fiction – Don’t know what flash fiction is? You’re about to find out! We’ll spend a few minutes talking about what flash fiction is and isn’t, markets for flash fiction, and how to do it well. Then you get to give our panelists topics, characters, and conflicts and they’ll keep you entertained with flash fiction on the spot!
  • Friday 4/3, 11:30am: Writing the Male POV No Matter Your Gender – How do you write good, fleshed-out male characters? You have to understand his thoughts, motivations, and reactions. You don’t want a cardboard cut out. We’ve got a great group of authors, not just men, to help give some advice and perspective on writing dynamic male characters.
  • Friday 4/3, 2:30pm: The Secret Lives of Authors – What’s it really like to write and get kinky fiction published? Get the scoop from five authors ranging from newly published to more seasoned. Authors talk about their experiences from writing, to critiques, to working with editors, to getting published. Bring your questions!
  • Friday 4/3, 7:00pm: Bedtime Stories – Join the Ink Track as we read our own work, with help from the audience as they act it out for us. There will be alcohol; there may be prizes again, too!
  • Saturday 4/4, 4:00pm: Yer Doin It RONG! – Sex, Kink & Responsibility in Writing – Do you always have to talk about safer sex in your steamy novels? Do you have a responsibility to address the safety concerns about flogging when you’re writing that hot kinky scene? There are a lot of opinions within publishing about a writer’s responsibility. Our authors debate the various sides of different topics, so you can hear the options and decide for yourself how to approach sex and kink in your writing. (I’m moderating this panel, as it happens.)

Plus I’ll be around the con, playing games, buying stuff, visiting the dungeon, going to a few panels that interest me, that sort of thing.

You should come.

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