another 5-star review

Thanks to Amazon reviewer Jane Lansing for the following awesome review of Learning the Ropes:

It is a pleasure to find a well written (and edited) book with believable characters and plot! The story is not about multigazillionaires or covert military missions abroad. This gem of a story is about everyday working folk who enjoy BDSM in their private lives.

I have bought many books in this genre. Too often, I’ve felt cheated because the “book” was only a short serial. Other times I felt that my money was wasted on an author who is no longer making the necessary effort to produce a quality book.

If you are hesitating because this is a lesser known author—Take The Plunge!

This book is: 1) full length 2) high quality 3) smoking hot.

If you haven’t read what she’s talking about, now’s the time.

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