Gianna Simone on Shell Game

Sarah and Michael are a really intense couple, but they are written so realistically, with lots of human flaws, that I felt as if they were real people I actually knew. I found myself immersed in both books and hated for them to end. I highly recommend reading them for those who enjoy BDSM romance. That aspect is also done very realistically and true to people in the lifestyle, and smoking hot, as well! The supporting characters are also very well-written, and spurred lots of intense reactions on my part. These are two more books that I had trouble putting down until the very end, and was still left wanting more.

Thanks very much to fellow author Gianna Simone for her review of Shell Game volumes one and two. When you’re done with my books, you should definitely check out some of hers. I recommend the Bayou Magiste series, which I helped beta way back before she even crafted the universe in which it occurs.

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