Frolicon 2023 Recap: Wednesday and Thursday

Frolicon 2023 ended last Monday, and boy was it awesome. I got to do so many scenes, see all the people I only see at Frolicon, spend time with both of my Atlanta-based partners, and meet a ton of folks who stopped by my table and talked to me about my books. If you’re on the fence about going next year, I highly recommend you start planning now; Frolicon 2024 will be May 9-12.

This year, I checked in on Wednesday to avoid the rush, and I got a perfect room assignment — third floor, north tower, right next to the ice machine and the “secret” elevator. I use a lot of ice, so being close to the ice machine is a plus for me. One of my partners (I’ll call her Partner 1 because her name is, alphabetically, before Partner 2’s) was with me, as Wednesday is our usual date night. After checking in, we had some dinner and then went down to do early registration before spending some time in the bar with some of our friends and heading back to our room. She had gotten something called a “vajacial“, and I wanted to make sure she still tasted the same (she did). She reciprocated, and even though we’d just had sex on Monday I still nearly drowned her when I came in her mouth.

Thursday was a fun day all around. After breakfast with Partner 1 and another friend of ours, I helped Partner 1’s nesting partner (call him NP1) unload his vehicle and then went down to the pool. The Frolicon pool is heated, and it’s in an atrium so while sunscreen is recommended it’s not strictly necessary. After hanging out with Partner 1 and NP1 for a bit, I moved to a group of people featuring a friend from Tennessee who I’d played with in the past. One of her friends (I’ll call her A, because she shows up again) asked if it was my first Frolicon; I told her I’d been going for ten years, and she said it was likely we’d made out before. I said we had not, and she asked: “would you like to?”

Well, I’m certainly not going to say no to a pretty girl who wants to kiss me. After a quick negotiation check, she swam into my arms and holy shit is she a good kisser. I got instantly hard, but made sure not to show it because we didn’t discuss that. After the kissing, which went on for a fairly long while, we stayed cuddled together while we talked with the other people in the group. She mentioned that I was the most polite groper she’d ever encountered — I had my hand on her hip, but then, she hadn’t explicitly consented to being touched sexually and we hadn’t even discussed it, so I wasn’t going to do anything she might not want. (She did consent, and I gave her a few butt grabs.)

That’s something a lot of people might be worried about — consent at a big event like Frolicon. I would say that Frolicon is probably the safest place to engage in casual sexual activity, because not only do most people get sexual health checks before the con but also the con itself makes a huge deal out of consent — as they should. It’s repeated everywhere in the literature, and there are signs all over the con floor, and anyone whose consent is violated is strongly encouraged to report it. Putting consent in the forefront of everyone’s mind makes everyone safer. I’m sure there are bad actors out there, but for the most part I think people are pretty happy with Frolicon’s consent policies.

Anyway, a little while later, still in the pool, a gorgeous curvy woman in a string bikini joined our group and showed off some bruises she’d gotten from a recent impact scene. She also “bounced” her butt underwater with her hands — almost like she was stimming — and she invited everyone to touch her butt and feel the particular motion she was making. Well, who am I to decline the offer to touch a butt? I touched it, and it was delightful.

I got out of the pool at 4:30 because Partner 1 and NP1 were joining me for dinner, and I had to be back at the hotel by 6:30 for a scene. This particular scene was negotiated in advance as a punishment spanking — I was to make up something that she’d done wrong and then spank her soundly for it. We’d never met in person before, but she was to report to my room at 6:30 (lateness would get consequences). She showed up at 6:25 wearing a cute dress, cat ears, and a mask — masks weren’t required at Frolicon but if she wanted to wear one I was not going to tell her no; it’s her body, after all. We talked for a bit, and then I started the scene. In Georgia, it’s illegal to hold your phone while driving, so I castigated her for having three tickets for doing just that, and for not telling me about them, and then I put her over my knee, lifted her dress (she had consented to this), and spanked her firmly.

She laughed the entire time, which I built into the scene as well, lecturing her as I spanked — both with my hand and with a wooden hairbrush — and eventually, when it became clear that the laughter wouldn’t stop, I “acted” like I was just realizing she wanted the spanking. So then she got spanked for unsafe behavior, for lying (by omission) about her tickets, and for not just asking for what she wanted. She got a ton of hard spanks, and by the end her backside was hot and achy. At some point she also took off her dress (her choice, not mine), and I was certainly happy to see what she was hiding underneath it. After the spanking, we cuddled and talked for a bit, and then hugged and said good night. She actually only lives about 45 minutes from me, so I told her that if she ever wanted to play again I would be glad to discuss it with her.

My second scene on Thursday wasn’t until 8:30, so I decided to go down to the con floor and check out the vendors’ room. It was there that I found a kilt seller with a lot of really cool designs. I decided on the kilt I wanted, but unfortunately he didn’t have my size in stock, so I’m going to be texting him (at his request) to place a special order.

A black pleated kilt, the pleats in rainbow colors.

I also bought a new cane, just because I could. Lexan, with a purple core in the middle of the clear material. I checked out the flogger booth, but while they had a lot of nice matched sets none of them were quite what I wanted. Alas.

On the way to my second scene, I bumped into some local acquaintances who invited me to do a scene with them. I said I was pretty booked up but would let them know if I had an opening. I’ve played with them before, and we all trust each other.

My second scene was with “Wendy”, the person I met last year for a bedtime spanking — the one who wrote me a beautiful thank-you note afterward. She and I have been chatting on and off all year, and have become friends. She requested another bedtime spanking, so we met up for it. She was bathed, teeth brushed, wearing pajamas, and ready to go to bed when I arrived at 8:30. We talked a little and then it was time for her to bare her bottom and go over my lap. She owed me for two “demerits” — things she had done wrong specifically affecting me — so I decided she would receive twelve full-intensity whacks with the hairbrush for it before we had any fun (and she agreed). The hairbrushing definitely hurt, and left her quite red, but that didn’t stop us from having a nice spanking scene afterward, one that ended with another twelve whacks with the hairbrush, just to remind her of how things started off. We talked for a couple of minutes, and then I tucked her in bed, kissed her forehead, turned out the lights, and departed. (We had plans to meet up on Friday morning for something else so I knew I would see her again.)

Oh, I forgot to mention — Thursday after breakfast but before NP1 arrived, I met up with Wendy because she has a rule that she isn’t allowed to swear and since her Daddy wasn’t available I, as her “uncle” (I’m actually “Uncle ___” in her phone), was retained to deal with her. She bared her bottom and I gave her a quick warm-up (since it was our first time playing in a while) before taking off my belt and delivering seven licks — one for each letter of the swear words she used. She gasped when she heard me undo my belt, and later, as we talked, she told me how she loves the visceral fear that comes when she hears that sound.

Anyway, I had overestimated how long the scene would take, and I didn’t have another one until 11:30, so I went back down to the con floor and happened to bump into the female half of the local acquaintance couple and said I had an unexpected hole in my schedule. She sent me into the dungeon to talk to her Daddy, and he agreed that we all should play.

This particular couple is very into rope — they’re on the board of a rope organization — and the scene started with him tying her wrists and hands before securing her to a metal frame and baring her bottom (she was wearing a thong, which stayed on). We took turns hitting her with various things, including my hands (her backside bounces beautifully in a standing position), dragon tails, canes, and her favorite thing — when her Daddy and I stood on either side of her and alternated hard hits with the flogger, going faster and faster. We also hit her with the Dick Stick, which left some great marks. Unfortunately we did nick her skin a bit, and that was when her Daddy decided the scene should end (fine by me). After putting on a band-aid, he let her down from the frame and we hugged. She told me it had been a long time since she’d enjoyed an impact scene, which was very gratifying. It probably helped that we’re all friends, not just kink acquaintances.

The "Dick Stick" -- a pink epoxy resin penis shape, about two or three inches long, attached to a blue rod. It leaves penis-shaped prints on skin.

At this point I was pretty tired but I still had one more scene to do. I have a friend who hasn’t bottomed for impact in a long time — perhaps not since the last time I topped her, which was last Frolicon. I was the only person she was bottoming to all weekend, and she wanted bruises, so after some hugs (we’re pretty close friends, and in fact I have kind of a crush on her boyfriend, a fact which he knows and which we haven’t had the opportunity to act on yet) she took off everything except some very revealing panties and laid down on a massage table. This particular person has very pale skin, so as I spanked her with my hand she grew pink very quickly, and even developed a couple of spots that I knew from previous experience would bruise. I used floggers, paddles, and canes, leaving marks all over the place, sending her into writhing spasms with some of the swats and licks. We finished, as usual, with the scene-ender — she got a total of six swats — and then we hugged, cleaned up, and said good night.

By then it was after midnight and I’d been up since 4:30 in the morning, so it was definitely time to go to bed.

Tomorrow: Friday and Saturday at the con!

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