The First Time in a Long Time

As I may have mentioned on here before (I honestly don’t recall), I was in a bad marriage for a long time. I was actually in the relationship for 17 years, but we were only married for 10, and the last 5 were bad. In addition to every other damn thing she did or didn’t do, she wasn’t on board with a lot of my preferences. She didn’t like to get head, and she didn’t like spanking — despite the fact that, while we were dating, she told me (and seemed to show me) that she liked both.

So when I met up with someone for the first time with the intent of engaging in some spanking and sex, I wanted to make sure I got a lot of mileage out of both things.

Plenty of spanking happened. She was super-bruised afterward for several days, and thrilled beyond belief to be in that state. But even when she arrived at my house, I wasn’t sure if we were going to have sex. When I had her bottomless on my spanking chair, though, I couldn’t resist. I flipped her over, spread her legs, and went down on her until she came.

Then she started to pull away, as if I was done.

I wasn’t done.

I told her I wasn’t done.

I held her in place and drank my fill, giving her orgasm after orgasm after orgasm, until she was limp and insensate. I didn’t even need reciprocation; I was just so happy to be giving head that I didn’t want to stop. Of course, eventually she did reciprocate, and that very day I fucked someone’s ass for the first time in fifteen years (yes, it had really been that long since my then-wife had decided she didn’t like anal sex anymore, despite us doing it pretty much every weekend for a year and a half).

This new person and I kept up our FWB relationship for almost a year, until she decided she wanted to seriously date someone else, someone who was monogamous. I had asked her out during all of this, and she’d declined, but that was okay I suppose. It hurt a little, but it wasn’t the end of the world. Our last time fucking, I was taking her from behind and asked her if she wanted me to stop — I knew she didn’t; I was teasing her. She yelled “no, no, no!” and for a moment I panicked — I was living in an apartment by then, and I was afraid my neighbors would think I was violating her consent. Which of course I would never do, given what my ex-wife had done to me.

I liked this woman. I miss her a bit. I’ll never forget how validated she made me feel, when it came to my desires, especially after so many years of denial.

I mean, how could you forget someone when you bruise them like this?

A bare bottom, extremely bruised and red.

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