I got a spanking bench!

I’ve always wanted a spanking bench of my very own, and now, thanks to my friend Bear, I have one! (Name linked with his permission.)

A spanking bench, shaped like a set of two stairs, with a wooden frame and squishy blue cushions for the upper body and knees.

At a recent spanking party, several people used it and were most pleased. It’s really made for people who have longer legs or are taller, but short people used it successfully as well. Bear said it will hold more than 500 pounds, and when I leaned on it (I’m not a small person) it was quite sturdy. And, even better, it comes apart into seven pieces with twelve bolts so it can be easily stored. It’s not truly collapsible — I know someone who makes actual collapsible benches — but it breaks down quickly and can be put together by one person (although two is better).

I’m very happy with it. I look forward to it getting plenty of use in the coming years.

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