I won’t cheat you

In writing one of my recent holiday stories, I thought about just doing the part where the eleven characters are at the bar, talking about what they’re going to do later. That took me about 1800 words. After all, there’s only so many ways to write spanking and sex scenes. But then I decided that would be cheating — cheating myself out of writing more, and cheating you, the reader, out of experiencing more.

So I wrote another 2800 words. Here are some of them:

Charlie didn’t often use canes, but tonight, in the dungeon, he brought out what looked like one of those mailing tubes for posters or blueprints and removed a set of five canes of varying widths. Jeannette was worried for a moment that he would try to do the British schoolmaster style of caning, but fortunately he started out with the lightest one, just tapping it against her ass and thighs. It stung a bit, but wasn’t unbearable, especially on top of all the spanking, paddling, and flogging he had already done.

The second-lightest cane hurt a little more, and he added a few firm licks with it that made Jeannette jump.

The middle cane was the best of the three he’d used so far; the taps were neither stingy nor thuddy, and when he swung hard the burn wasn’t awful. Oh, it hurt, but it could have hurt worse.

Cane number four came with harder taps, and Jeannette wondered if it hadn’t been so noisy in the dungeon — and if she hadn’t been hearing-impaired — if she might be able to hear the sound of the thwip! she felt each time it landed on her ass. This time, he gave her six hard licks, hard enough that she jumped on the last couple.

But it was the final cane, the thickest and heaviest, that made Jeannette swoon. It was mostly thud, although each hard stroke left a fiery line on her backside and thighs. Charlie alternated between tapping — light at first, but building up to hard — and swinging — the aforementioned burning sensation.

Then his hand was between her legs, fingers sliding past her panties to touch her, and she moaned. They hadn’t discussed this, but she didn’t want to use a safeword, not when… oh, fuck, not when it felt this good. Charlie played her body expertly, finding her g-spot, finding her clit, finding her the road to orgasm, and then–


Jeannette cried out. She couldn’t help it. That one had hurt. A lot.


Another yelp of pain.


Jeannette gritted her teeth, held on tight to the spanking bench. She didn’t know how many times Charlie was going to–


–hit her with the cane, but she was going to take all of them. At the very least, she knew she’d have spectacular bruises afterward.


He was suddenly beside her. “One more,” he said into her ear. “One more. You can do it.”

She nodded.


Jeannette howled. That one had been vicious, and had landed right on the line where her bottom met her thighs. She kicked her feet, swayed on the bench, forced herself not to cry.

It was easy when Charlie put his fingers back between her legs.

“I’m not going to let you come,” he cautioned, close to her again. “Not until we get back to the room.”

Her answering moan was full of need.

“Good girl. That’s what I want to hear.”

Once more Charlie brought her to the edge of orgasm before taking his hand away, and this time he helped her to her knees, handed her her glasses, gave her some water. She looked up at him. “That hurt.” The pouty tone in her voice was one hundred percent put on, but she knew he liked hearing it.

“Of course it did. But it’s going to feel good in a little while.”



This story takes place exactly one month from today (the day it’s being posted). Really that’s just a coincidence.

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