Let me count the ways

A few weeks ago, I wrote one long story for the holiday stories — 5200+ words — and then was talking to one of my partners about it. She commented that “there are only so many ways to write a spanking scene”. I mean, yes, but also no, right?

I went back and looked at everything in my “previews” category. Here’s the spanking scenes I’ve posted in the past 12 months:

  1. F/F spanking in a hotel room at a spanking party
  2. M/F funishment spanking with hand
  3. M/F bedtime spanking
  4. M/F general spanking scene
  5. M/F funishment belt spanking
  6. F/M punishment belt spanking
  7. M/F general spanking scene #2
  8. M/F hairbrush spanking in an apartment
  9. FF/M spanking in a hotel room at a spanking party
  10. M/F punishment paddle spanking
  11. F/M spanking scene in a hotel room at a spanking party
  12. M/F consensual but unwanted spanking
  13. F/F fun spanking scene
  14. M self-spanking
  15. F/F spanking in the back room of a store
  16. M/F spanking, followed by F/M funishment spanking
  17. M/M superhero spanking
  18. M/F punishment wooden spoon spanking
  19. M/F punishment ruler spanking
  20. F/M consensual spanking
  21. M/F first spanking

I will say, however, that writing the actual mechanics of a spanking scene can get boring from time to time. I’m sure writers reuse scenes, changing details and names here and there. Hell, most Chuck Tingle M/M sex books are basically the same scene over and over again; it’s what comes around the scene that you read the books for. The plot, the character development, the setting, the worldbuilding; all of it makes the actual sex scene (or, in my case, the actual spanking scene) worth reading.

Is it stealing if I steal it from myself?

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