A woman with pale skin and short brown hair sits beside you. She introduces herself as Angela. She’s medium-height and more slender than not, although she’s not skinny or anything.

“Hi. I’m Shawn.” You and she shake hands. You notice on her badge that it says she’s a first-time attendee, and she has the black dot which indicates she’s only here for the day. “What do you think of the party so far?”

“It’s okay.” She sounds extremely shy and unsure of herself. “I’m here by myself and I don’t know a lot of people.”

“Have you gotten to play at all?”

“A little. Not as much as I had hoped. But I think it’s my fault for not talking to more people.”

“Well, you’re talking to me.” You smile, and then shoot your shot. “I’d be glad to spank you, if you want.”

Angela looks you up and down, and seems to make a decision. “Sure. Let’s do it.” A brief pause. “Can we do it in here? No offense, but I just met you.”

“Of course.” You get up and head for the bedroom you just used to spank Jessica. 

Since Angela seems a little nervous, you run down your negotiation checklist in full. That seems to put her at ease. She requests the spanking not be bare-bottomed, which is fine with you; after she takes off her shoes and pants, you see she’s wearing soft yellow panties covering almost all of her ass. “Over the knee?”

She nods. You sit on the bed and pat your left thigh, and she arranges herself over your leg, her upper body on the bed. 

Angela seems tense, though. You rub her bottom gently, soothingly. “Are you sure you’re okay?”

“I’m okay,” she says, very softly.

You don’t delay — you don’t want her to have to think too much about what she’s doing — and you deliver your first swat, near the bottom of her left cheek. She lets out a tiny yip of surprise, but the second spank she just takes quietly. Now that you’ve started to spank her, she seems to be less tense, and as you continue with the spanking, she relaxes more and more. You do your best not to hit the same spot too many times in a row, but her backside isn’t exactly large so it takes some work.

You count thirty swats and then check in. “How are you doing?”

She nods.


Another nod.

Okay then.

This time you spank Angela a little more firmly, and you move your arm on an upswing, smacking her bottom — and what little of her bare skin is visible around the edge of her panties. She stays silent the whole time, although her legs do start to come up, as if to prepare herself to block you.

Well, you can’t have that. You stop spanking. “Put your legs down,” you say, injecting a little command into your voice.


“Because I don’t want to hit them.”

There are a few scenes in Switching Plans that you can only reach one way — many of them you can get to in various directions, but occasionally I threw one in to break things up a bit and have a little fun. This one is based somewhat on the way that I spank one of my play partners, who gets very wiggly when I spank her too hard. (Well, what she thinks is too hard, but honestly she’d be disappointed if I changed the way I did things after six years of playing together.)

Preorder your copy of Switching Plans now and you will get it on March 31, right when it’s released. Don’t delay! (Oh, and preorders definitely help me move up in the Amazon algorithm, so any help you provide would be greatly appreciated.)

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