More Kami Tora! (Miscellany)

I have four more Kami Tora images to share with you, and then I’m done for a while. (Not with posting. Just with his artwork.)

(Art by Kami Tora: Three panels of a man, bare-bottomed, getting spanked with a hairbrush, crying. His cock is trapped between the spanker’s thighs, and she has short dark hair. She’s had to hold his arm behind his back as well.)

When I’m getting spanked, I do enjoy being trapped between a soft pair of thighs at the same time.

(Art by Kami Tora: A woman dressed as a schoolgirl inspects the spanked bottom of a man dressed as a schoolboy, his pants and panties — yes, you read that right — pulled down as he cries. She may be stroking his cock; it’s hard to tell.)

I never noticed the panties before today.

(Art by Kami Tora: A girl wearing a beanie cap rides a man who appears to be bound to a table. She has just climbed off his enormous cock, which is spurting a geyser of come into the air.)

I have to believe that if she’d stayed on for that orgasm he’d have shot her into the stratosphere.

(Art by Kami Tora: A line drawing of a woman in a blouse and short-shorts, standing behind a young man, stroking his enormous cock until he comes, crying with relief.)

There’s a bit of a “mom next door” vibe in this one.

And that’s it for my Kami Tora posts… at least until he comes out with some new art. Hope you enjoyed!

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