Bend over my desk

I moved to a new house in September of 2020, and once I was fully moved in, I realized that my existing desk just wasn’t going to cut it — there wasn’t enough storage space; nor was there enough desk space for all the things I needed. So, a couple of months later, I went online and purchased a new one.

A large, U-shaped desk.
(A large, U-shaped desk. Please ignore the mess off to the left; I was still moving in at the time.)

Once the desk was built, I put all of my computers and things on it. There are now four computers, four monitors, three keyboards, three mice, and various and sundry other things that a desk should have on it.

There’s also two places where you can bend over it.

And if you make the mistake of bending over my desk, you’re going to get spanked. Consider this your only warning. I don’t care if you’ve been good or bad; once you’re in that position, your backside is fair game.

I do like to use my desk for punishment swats, given over the clothes (preferably just over the panties but I’ve done it through jeans as well), with my punishment paddle.

My punishment paddle.
(My punishment paddle, or near enough to it that makes no difference.)

It makes the most beautiful crack! sound when it hits someone’s backside. But even if there’s no paddle handy, my hand can still get the job done.

So bend over my desk if you dare. Your bottom may or may not thank you.

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