Yes, that is a unicorn

A few weeks ago I posted about setting up a scene with a friend just as she’s moving out of the country. We finally had the scene, and it was a great experience. With her permission, I am going to tell you about it.

(A small jar of petroleum jelly and a pool thermometer with a unicorn/rubber duck mashup at one end.)

The whole idea of the scene started from us joking around on Discord about temperature-taking as part of a kink scene. She seemed really interested, so I messaged her privately about it and she said she would definitely be willing to try it, since she’d never done it before. I’ve seen temperature-taking scenes done with both “normal” thermometers and pool thermometers, and we agreed to use a pool thermometer based on a story I told about a scene I watched. The thermometer itself was pretty inexpensive — under $10 — and I already had the petroleum jelly, which is the traditional lubricant for these types of scenes (which I have done before, albeit only using “normal” thermometers).

After arriving at my house, petting the dog, and going back over the details of the scene (to make sure nothing had changed since our initial negotiation), we went into the bedroom and I showed her the thermometer. The “reason” I bought one with a unicorn rubber duck on the end was “because I didn’t want it to be scary”, and she appreciated it.

Then it was time to start. I instructed her to take off everything below the waist. She slipped off her shoes and folded her jeans, and then I put her over my knee and reminded her that I was going to have to touch her very intimately — I wanted to give her every opportunity to change her mind. But she didn’t, so I put on a medical glove, put some petroleum jelly on my finger, spread her bottom, and found her tiny little opening. I spread the lubricant around the outside, and then put more of it on my index finger and pushed it into her bottom. She took it well, all the way to the hilt, and once she was suitably lubricated I put a condom on the thermometer (it has kind of a sharp ridge that I didn’t want to hurt her), added more jelly to that, and then introduced it to her backside. I worked in about five or six inches of the thermometer, reassuring her the entire time, and then held it in place. We stayed quiet (except when she started slipping and had to readjust) for a couple of minutes, and then I told her I would be taking it out. After discarding my glove and the condom, I checked the thermometer, and it was below fever level — which meant she was healthy enough to be spanked.

(Realistically, a pool thermometer is not going to accurately read body temperature. I know this. But it was all part of the scene.)

Once she was back over my knee, her bare bottom in position, I started to spank her. I went lighter at first — she hadn’t played in a while, and was concerned that her tolerance would be low. Her bottom is small (she’s a small woman) and my hand easily covered each cheek as I spanked it. She was a joy to spank, no question about it. I warmed her up, gradually increasing the intensity of my spanks, until she was giving me pained whimpers. I held her close over my knee, told her she was doing a great job, and continued spanking her. At a few points she sounded like she was on the verge of tears, and one of those times I continued spanking her firmly, telling her that she was safe, that I wouldn’t let anything happen to her, that she didn’t have to hold back. She didn’t end up crying, but she was definitely feeling it.

Finally, after about fifteen or twenty minutes, we reached the point where she was about done. She had asked me not to leave marks, so we weren’t going to use any implements; instead I told her I would give her ten hard swats and then we would talk. They were by far the hardest spanks I’d given her (although not anywhere close to as hard as I could go), and when I was done I noticed she did have a bruise on her left cheek. I felt bad about that, but I had done the best I could and everyone’s body is different. It’s just the way it is. I told her she was getting ten more hard spanks, and after each one she would have to say “thank you for spanking me; I know I deserve it.” I’ve done this before, and in this case I hadn’t planned to do it, but I had a feeling she would respond well to it. I did the counting, she did the responding, and on the second-to-last swat she said it really fast and high-pitched. The final spank was by far the hardest, and she yelped but said what she was supposed to say.

The spanking left her bottom warm and red, and we spent some time cuddling afterward, talking about things, as I usually do after a scene. Then we transitioned to the living room and spent more time together; after all, this was likely the last time I was going to see her for a while. We eventually hugged goodbye, and I sent her on her way.

If I have one regret, it’s that I didn’t ask her to play sooner. We could have had more scenes like this, and maybe even done some that left her well and truly bruised. But I’m very glad we’re friends, and I look forward to that friendship continuing even across multiple time zones.

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