Cry, Baby, Cry (Part 3)

Two weeks ago, you met Brandi and Jessica. Last week it was Lori and Sarah. This week we travel to Pennsylvania, to the home of classic spanking sites Bun Beating Fun (now defunct) and Far East Media. FEM was my favorite spanking site for a long time — it would feature Joe, the male lead, spanking a gorgeous young woman, and then there would be some sort of sexual activity. While clearly amateur in every sense of the word, these were still super-enjoyable videos to watch, and the production values were high enough that it wasn’t distracting. A lot of FEM videos have been uploaded to Spankbang, and I’ve curated a playlist for you. I highly recommend Kelly, Dillon, and Faith — Faith being Faith Leon, and the male lead not being Joe but still doing a good job.

Anyway, here are some images for you to enjoy.

(Image from Bun Beating Fun: an apparently-nude young woman just on the verge of tears.)

I love when they clench their teeth together and screw their eyes shut to try and avoid crying. It never works.

(Image from Bun Beating Fun: a man in business casual spanks a naked young blond woman over his lap. Her bottom is red, and her mascara is running.)

I wonder if there is specific mascara you can buy that runs on purpose.

(Image from Far East Media: Joe spanks Vicci over his knee. her bottom is bare and you can see mittens on her ass.)

This is from early in the scene. Vicci isn’t quite crying yet, but she gets very close before she and Joe begin the sex portion of the video. Vicci’s shoot is one of my favorites, because…

(Image from Far East Media: Vicci, trying to smile even though she’s been crying.)

…the scene ends with Joe spanking Vicci again, after the sex, until she cries. Then, once the producer realizes she’s crying, he stops the scene, but she tells them to continue, to finish it up. I think this was probably the first video in which someone cried, and they (Joe and the producer) both get very solicitous and seemingly worried. But Vicci crying is an amazing moment, and worth seeing.

Next week: four final images!

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