Cry, Baby, Cry (Part 2)

Last week on “Cry, Baby, Cry”, we visited with Brandi and Jessica from RealSpankings. Today we’ll meet two more good criers. The first is Lori, also from RealSpankings. She is my all-time favorite RS model — she’s curvy and beautiful, and she is an amazing crier.

(Image from RealSpankings: Lori, her bottom bare and bruised, gets paddled with a clear lexan paddle full of holes. Her panties are down. She is screaming in pain.)

I know, because I’ve seen this video, that Lori is crying, although it’s a little hard to tell in this shot. She bruises amazingly-well.

(Image from RealSpankings: Lori is bent over a bed, a paddle in front of her, her mascara running from crying.)

I’ve seen this video too. Lori gets 30 swats with a paddle: ten over her jeans, ten over her panties, and ten on her bare bottom. By the end she is crying hard.

Lori was active in the mid-2000s, if you’re looking for her videos on RealSpankings. I wonder what she’s doing now.

Now let’s move onto another gorgeous crier, Sarah Gregory, who has been in the spanking industry for quite a while. I’ve met her and she’s quite nice. She also has a stunning smile.

(Image from Sarah Gregory Spanking: a stern dark-haired woman spanks Sarah Gregory over her knee. Sarah’s bottom is bare and red, her skirt is up, and she is crying. Off to the side we see another young woman, panties down, watching Sarah get spanked.)

I can’t remember the name of this spanker, but I’ve seen a lot of her work. I don’t know if Sarah is acting her tears or if she’s really crying, but it doesn’t matter. I’m convinced.

(Image source unknown: Sarah Gregory, over a blond woman’s lap getting spanked with what looks like a paddle, has her skirt up and is crying in pain.)

See what I mean? What an amazing crier. You can’t see any tears, but you know they’re coming.

Next Friday: more tears!

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